Questions and Suggestions


If you have any questions about ANY subject, ask here. If you have suggestions for the site, tell us.



11 Responses to “Questions and Suggestions”

  1. Only 1 suggestion: Get a bigger pic of Victini.

  2. What website do you go to because I go to
    The second one is japanese.

  3. Did you search to find me or did you click on my user name? If you didn’t search I wonder why my user name was most searched for. Wait my good friend courtney looked 4 me. I’ve told her a billon times just to search readaboutgoodbooks! And just this weekend she looks! Wow life is complicated.

  4. Thanks for contributing and commenting so much, read.

    • yes life is complicated. BUT!!!! “Do or do not, there is no try.” thats Master Yoda. Wow! you called me read!!! awesome!!! I am mostly called weirdo and skitty. Kinda sad.. But I have to repeat myself, life IS complicated.

  5. I see u made this a page

  6. Dude y r u not making anymore vids man i mean like rly y not

    i now have another vid

    on totaldomination5

    • Hey, look who decided to SHOW UP.
      Okay, I’ll watch your video, and sorry for not making any I’m trying to get a good video camera to make vids with.
      There are no new videos on your channel, but I made a new one. Plus there’s a lot of funny things in my favorites.

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